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Expert Reputation is now Review Concierge

Why did our name change?
From the very beginning, our company's mission has been to serve health care providers by helping them take control of their online reviews.

The name Review Concierge expresses our commitment to
helping health care providers navigate the entire process of making their reviews accurately reflect the quality of care that they provide to patients.

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Review Report CardTM

Patients don't only Google your name. They Google your name + office address, name + zip, name + phone, etc. There are about 25 different ways they can search for you. Each time, Google can return as many as 60 different review sites. What kind of reviews do you have on these sites?

This Harvard Study found that a single review on Yelp can affect your yearly income by nearly 10%. We find that disconcerting because any random person (competitor, former employee, angry patient) can login to one of these sites and write a bad review.

We estimate that 95% of healthcare providers have either a bad review or no reviews at all. If you have no reviews, the first bad review can sink your ratings to 1 star because there is nothing to counterbalance it. We meet providers every day who have had this happen to them. Often times, they didn't realize it for months.

Review Report Card makes sure that you know exactly where you stand when it comes to your online ratings. For a total of $0.82 cents per day ($49.95 / month), you can have the peace of mind that we are protecting your good name on the internet.

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Review Report Card is part of the Professional Plan which includes:

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